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What to See

Shati Ad Dahariz
The water is pleasantly warm , the access to the sea is easy because the Ad Dahariz beach inclines towards the water very slightly. The beach is of natural origin and was...
Hisn Daba
Daba Castle is famous for its sand colured fortifications. Approximate distance from Muscat to Daba Castle is 400 Kilometres.
Bawshar Sands
Not far from the beaches of Muscat with its harmonious architecture, and within walking distance of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in the heart of the capital, the visito...
Natural History Museum
It is considered one of the major Omani museums and houses exhibits depicting aspects of life since it first appeared in various forms on the Sultanate territory.Opening ...


What to Do

Bull Fighting

In the true sense of the world,two gargantuan Brahmin bulls butt heads and lock blunt horns style...

Sea Kayaking

Kayaking on the warm waters of Oman is perfect.Explore the fjords and coastal waters of Muscat as...

Dhow CruiSe

Oman’s beautiful coastline is formed by the Arabian Sea on the south and east, and the Gulf...


The trekking in Oman can be a small or large part of your holiday, the Jebals are rough hard, voi...

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