Certificate in Protocol and High-Level Events Organisation

This certificate has been designed for those who wish to expand their knowledge in Protocol, high-level Events Organization and Cross-Cultural Communication. It is a great opportunity to understand what Protocol and Diplomacy are, what they entail and how Protocol and Diplomacy can help you strive in such a fastpaced world.

10 February 2020
-Introduction to Protocol & Diplomacy
-The Order of Precedence
-Official Events Organisation

11 February 2020
-Seating Arrangement for Events
-Symbolism and the World of Flags
-Invitations & Gifts

12 February 2020
-Protocol at the Table
-The Role of Protocol Officers
-Case Studies

The experts that will cover this session are:
1) Thomas Sladko, MA, MAS
ISPD Managing Director and Former Deputy Head of Protocol of the Austrian Federal Chancellery

2) Ines Pires, PhD Researcher, MA, PG
Chair of the ISPD Group, President of Innovation in Diplomacy Network and Former Head of Cabinet of the Vice President of the European Parliament

3) Bryen Li, MA, CHE
ISPD Operations Manager & Expert and Former Operations Manager of Planhotel Group Maldives

10 - 12 February 2020


Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre


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