International Exhibition of Banking, Exchange, Insurance & Investment Opportunities

man Finance Expo Is a hub of investment and finance where the key technologies, manufacturers, products, suppliers, and financial institutes meet under one roof. This show is a perfect place for showcasing investment and financial capacities in all aspects.

There are some exhibition targets which this exhibition intends to achieve such as introducing business atmosphere to investors and new insurance services in the field of insurance industry. Introducing the latest investment projects in private sector and attracting new investors as well as the latest investment opportunities in major projects. Also the modern banking services in money market and the capabilities of domestic and foreign financial institutions in the same manner capabilities and achievements of the capital market, insurance and money market.. Recognizing the competitors and getting familiar with their services, products and plans. Transferring the international knowledge and experiences of capital market to financial institutions. Effectively showcase and promote your services, products and technologies as well as your company’s previously completed and ongoing projects to enhance your current position in the market. Find new customers by introduction of services and products directly to target clients.

28 - 30 October 2019


Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre


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