Well-known Kuwaiti singer and music icon, Nawal El Kuwaitia, known as Qaitharat Al Khaleej or ‘Harp of Khaliji Song’, studied at the Higher Institute of Music in Kuwait. She first appeared on stage at the age of seventeen, performing songs from classical artists such as Talal Maddah and Abdul Karim Abdul Qader. An accomplished musician who plays the piano, oud and flute as well as the harp, Nawal El Kuwaitia released her first album in 1984, and now has special albums sponsored by Rotana. Among her most famous songs are Ma Abi Menak Katheer and the O’zerini duet with Abdallah Al Rowaished. Performing in important Arab festivals, Nawal El Kuwaitia sings to enthusiastic audiences in the Arabian Gulf as well as in several countries abroad.

January 25,27 2019


7:00 PM


Royal Opera House


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