The Omani Dates Festival 2019

The Omani Dates Festival is one of the most important events implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in cooperation with the General Authority for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (RIYADA.

The festival organizes many events and activities, the most important even is a market for selling Omani dates, which provides an opportunity for the participation of date factories, farmers, date packing units, household industries, investors, and small and medium enterprises working in the field of selling dates and palm products.

The festival also contains a corner for the children’s activities and held daily draws on many prizes for visitors. For lovers of photography, there will be a special corner for the winning photos in the photography competition launched by the Ministry in cooperation with the Omani Society of Photography.

The festival aims to:

  1. Highlight government interest in the date palm sector in the Sultanate through the establishment of an annual event to celebrate the date palm.
  2. Highlighting the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in the implementation of programs and projects related to the development of the date palm sector.
  3. Encourage producers and small and medium enterprises to invest in the production, processing and marketing of dates.
  4. Gathering different groups of date sector producers, including farmers, producers, processors and marketers of dates under one roof to exchange ideas and experiences and strengthen bonds between them.
  5. Find marketing outlets for dealers in the dates sector by highlighting their products and their different innovations of packaged, processed and transformative dates.
  6. Work to create a reputation for the Omani dates festival to attract investors internally and externally.
  7. Introduce the idea of converting dates from an agricultural product to a large and distinctive economic, investment and tourism product.
  8. Create opportunities for the consumer to search for more options and identify new producers. 10. Encourage farmers and producers to pay attention to the quality of products and packaging and observe food safety rules.

24 - 31 October 2019


Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre


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