Adventure tourism highlights topography of Sultanate

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Muscat: Adventure tourism in the Sultanate of Oman is getting popular as large number of tourists is visiting it for the purpose, particularly during winter. This is due to the country’s natural elements which stimulate adventure enthusiasts and provides them diverse and unique tourism experience. The Ministry of Tourism is working hard to promote the natural elements which are abundant in the Sultanate including mountain, sea, desert etc. They entice adventurers to enjoy and have interesting tourism experiences.

The Ministry of Tourism seeks to regulate adventure tourism by laying down legislations and procedures which are necessary for its practice. This is required to preserve the health and safety of adventurers in the Sultanate, as the ministry believes in the importance of high added value to this type of tourism.

There are many activities of adventure tourism in the country so that its enthusiasts can have a unique experience climbing steep mountains and rugged paths, diving, walking in tracks, exploring caves and camping.

The mountains of the Sultanate, with its heights, steep rocky cliffs and rugged paths, are a challenge for fans of this sport. There are many climbing areas in the Sultanate. Perhaps this diversity allows the climber to choose the heights and types of mountains according to his skill.

There are paved as well as rough paths. Wadi Ghoul in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliya has a height of 300 metres which is good for the climbers. Mashit mountain remains the ideal location for climbing, as it has rocky interface, perhaps the largest in the Arabian Peninsula. Its southeastern facade extends for about 6 km, and rises to 850 metres which provides paths at all levels. There are also many mountains in the Governorate of Musandam. They are many heights spread around Muscat for climbing for both beginners and professionals of the sport.

The Sultanate is one of the most famous diving destinations in the region. It is known for diversity in its marine life. It has many sea cliffs, small islands, bays and caves in which the unique and diverse types of marine and coral life is seen. Best months for diving in Oman are from April to July. Thought diving can be practiced any time in the country.

Among the most prominent diving areas around the capital, Muscat are Bandar Al Khairan, Al Fahal Island, Al Dimaniyat Islands and Khaleej Al Maqbarah (Old Muscat) in addition to Al Jissah Beach. Each of them is known for their environmental diversity. –ONA

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