Artists add colour to cultural heritage of Izki village

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Izki hosted ‘Let’s Draw Together’ activities for three days, which was participated by 19 artists from Omani Society for Fine Arts.
The event marked the completion of the cultural and tourist art project, “Commemorating the archaeological moment by art”. It was held in Al Ain and Al Suwad villages in Imti, which was adopted by artist Mariam bint Mohammed al Zadjali, Director of Omani Society for Fine Arts.
The people of Imti village accorded a reception to the artists who participated in the event. The reception was held under the auspices of Her Highness Sayyida Aliya bint Thuwaini al Said in the presence of Younis bin Ali al Mundhari, member of Majlis Ash’shura and representative of Izki.
The paintings and wall paintings done by the artists embodied the past tradition, the elegance of ancient architectural arts and forms of heritage and civilisation in the village, such as the ancient mud and stone buildings. The artworks were characterised by their spectacular views and reflected cultural features.
Artists Anwar Sonia, Salim Sakhi, Abdulkarim al Maimani, Nayla al Maamari, Yousuf al Nahawi, Issa al Mafraji and Saleh al Alawi, besides those from the Samat Artistic group, participated in the event. HH Sayyida Aliya bint Thuwaini al Said expressed her happiness and gave good impression about the event after watching the drawings. She said: “I am really impressed with the village which I am visiting for the first time. Its construction using stone and clay is unique. And it has remained strong for hundreds of years. The village is characterised by the presence of defence fences and towers. The paintings by artists are beautiful and expressive.” Artist Mariam Zadjali thanked the people of the village and the supporting companies for the successful completion of the project led by Shaikh Masoud bin Ali al Sulaimi.

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