Be cautious to avoid jellyfish sting during beach visits

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Beachgoers need some caution while visiting a beach as there are chances for them to step on jellyfish, which have been spotted along the beaches in Salalah. Not sure about these jellyfish being toxic, but there are chances that many may be allergic that can cause irritation and rashes on the exposed skin.
A large number of jellyfish were spotted on Dahariz beach as some of the beachgoers saw them and clicked their photos to crosscheck what exactly they were and what brought them to the shore suddenly.

Itin resident Vinita Singh was having usual weekend trip on one of the beaches in Salalah and became uncomfortable when she banged on some transparent jelly-like material while walking. She got scared and immediately called her husband, who works as a doctor in a private hospital.
“It was my usual weekend when I visited the beautiful Dahariz beach during evening. I was casually walking on the beach with my kids, when my foot accidentally banged on the transparent jelly-like material. I was scared and called my husband who is a doctor. He assured me that there is nothing to worry because it might just be a ‘Crambionella Orsini’ and they are non-toxic jellyfish and it is rarely seen,” she said.
The doctor, however, advised her to be careful because there are many kinds of jellyfish. Some are harmless, but exposure to their sting may lead to skin irritation and rashes.
Salim al Ghassani, Director of Fisheries Research Centre, Raysut, said he did not have any information about any toxic jellyfish on any of the beaches in Salalah but cautioned that there were chances of some skin allergy if a person comes into direct contact of them. “People should avoid touching them and be careful while walking barefoot on the beaches,” he said.

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