Ministry to host camping expo

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Following the success of the first edition of Tourist Camping Exhibition, the Ministry of Tourism is gearing up to launch second edition. There is a great demand for camping tourism in various parts of the Sultanate, particularly after the rains of last few months. These rains led to covering of most of the areas with greenery, which made the atmosphere appropriate for camping.
The Ministry of Tourism has consistently supported and encouraged setting up of camps and provided all facilities to their owners. The statistic released by the Directorate General of Investor Services and Quality Management, Ministry of Tourism, indicated that the total number of camps in the Sultanate reached 22 with 603 rooms in 2019.
North Al Sharqiyah Governorate topped the list with 13 camps which had 399 rooms followed by South Al Sharqiyah, Al Dakhiliyah, Dhofar and South Al Batinah.
The ministry is also working on a plan aimed at establishing outlets to strengthen marketing to tourist camps.
Humaid al Hajri, the owner of Al Birr camp in Wilayat Bidiya of the North Al Sharqiyah Governorate, said that there was a huge tourists’ influx between October and the end of April.
Al Hajri said that the goal of establishing Al Birr camp was to give the tourists an opportunity to experience life in the desert, sleep in a tent, and enjoy nature away from the hassle of urban life. He said that the camp provides simple and distinct services, which is different from staying in a hotel. They can ride camels, go for dune bashing, as well as see some folk performance in the camps.
Al Sharqiyah Sands is one of the suitable destinations for enjoyment and adventure. Bidiya, Al Kamil W’al Wafi and Al Mudhaibi are among the beautiful and famous places in the Sultanate to camp and enjoy medium desert atmosphere and magical sky at night. There is huge growth in these areas due to influx of tourists.
The ready-to-rent camps spread across the area is popular among tourists.
Camping is not just limited to desert areas only. Beaches of Masirah Island and Ras Al Hadd in the South Al Sharqiyah Governorate are considered popular destinations for camping. Here tourists enjoy the view of soft sand and sea turtles and spend beautiful times in the arms of nature. Al Ashkhara district in the Wilayat Jaalan Bani Bu Ali in the South Al Sharqiyah Governorate has many options for tourists who love camping either in sand dunes or on the sands of the beaches of Al Ashkhara where they can see birds and turtles.
Al Jabal Al Akhdhar in Nizwa is another popular site for mountain camping. You can also enjoy the view of the agricultural terraces and beautiful villages.
The wadis are very popular among tourists, particularly after the recent rains. You can spend a beautiful time with the family and enjoy the pure nature.
The Wadi Shab of the Wilayat Sur in the South Al Sharqiyah Governorate is a beautiful destination for tourists. It is a calm and quiet place for camping and enjoying the view of the water and boats spread along the wadi. Wadi Bani Ghafir of Wilayat Rustaq in South Al Batinah Governorate is a beautiful place for its water, plains, mountains and greenery on both sides.
Such tourism activities are very popular among tourists, as they want to spend good time away from the cities, its chaos and its material requirements. This is also good for the growth of sustainable tourism in the Sultanate.
Ahmad al Eisari, owner of Adventure Land, a company which specialises in selling travel supplies and gear, says that people were currently attracted to camping as they want to spend their free time away from the rush of the city life.

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