MoH suggests suspension of global events

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 The Ministry of Health (MoH) has called upon exhibition and event management companies to suspend or postpone events until further notice as part of preventive measure against coronavirus (COVID-19), as 16 cases have been reported in the country.
The technical committee tasked with following up of the epidemic held a meeting to review the global and local situation on Saturday and made this recommendation as a follow up measure. The committee recommended postponement of all international events and conferences in the Sultanate that host participants from outside the country, regardless of the participating countries or the number of participants until further notice.
The technical committee will continue to assess the situation and the global and local updates while reviewing the recommendations related to the disease in a global perspective.
Meanwhile, various events worth millions that were scheduled to be held in Oman and outside the country by local companies have been postponed in view of COVID-19.
“Cancelling or postponing of events cause a huge loss to the organisers as they have paid salaries, rents, hotels, logistics, and the like, but of course, not as big as the countries suffering directly from the COVID-19,” said Melwin D’cunha, CEO, Muscat Expo, a local firm specialised in events and expos, and added, “We have postponed at least four exhibitions which were supposed to take place in the region.”
“We were to organise Middle East Pipeline Expo, a new project in March but stands postponed to December and we are mulling over cancelling or postponing the Firesafety Expo,” Melwin said.
Oil and Gas Forum, Oman Petroleum and Energy expo (OPEL) stand postponed in the wake of the present virus threat, according to the Oman Expo. These expos will be held in September this year at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC).
Design-Build, Oman Designers and Builders Show and Oman Real Estate Show stand postponed to a future date. Other exhibitions include, Kuwait Maritime Expo, Downstream Expo, Traffic and Roadshow and Water Conference which were scheduled to be held on different dates.

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