More than 332,000 tourists visit Musandam in 2019

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The tourism sector in Musandam saw a significant growth in 2019.

The number of tourists who visited the governorate stood at 332,489. Similarly, the number of cruise ships visiting the governorate reached 72 during the period.

This is because the tourism sector in the governorate is one of the main points of economic development. Its massive heritage and touristic elements make it a promising region for the growth of tourism and contributing to the country’s economy.

Mohammed bin Abdullah al Dhahouri, acting director of tourism in Musandam governorate, said, “The Ministry of Tourism has given extra attention to the preparation of the comprehensive Oman Tourism Strategy 2016-40 under which 14 tourist complexes have been identified in various governorates of the sultanate to be developed on a priority basis.

“These priorities have been set in the form of a five-year plan keeping in view the importance of tourism elements in these areas and the level of preparedness in terms of infrastructure.”

Dhahouri said that Musandam was selected under this plan along with other tourist areas. “Omran has submitted a study, a plan and a design of eight activities of adventure tourism projects in the mountain tracks.

Tourist facilities

On tourism facilities in the Musandam governorate, Dhahouri said that the Ministry of Tourism was providing more facilities whenever necessary after evaluating and analysis.

Dhahouri said that the ministry attached huge importance to attracting investment through multiple promotional channels, particularly through international exhibitions, including the cruise ships visiting the sultanate.

It has doubled the added value as it resulted in the recovery of the local market.

Tourist elements

Musandam is known for its sites and elements which attracts tourists from different countries of the world.

These include marine creeks, prominent of them are Najd, Shamm, Al Hablain and Ghab Ali. There are also diverse formations of coastal rocks which attract tourists. There are also many islands scattered across the governorate such as Al Teer and Telegraph Island. Beaches such as Qada and Mokhi, Bassa, Hyout and Hill are famous.

The high mountains such as Jebel Hareem considered the tallest mountains (2,087m) of Musandam are a big attraction.

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