Muscat Governorate home to highest expat numbers

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The expatriate demographic equation in Oman has once again changed with Muscat Governorate becoming home to the highest number. According to the annual statistics released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), there were 910,558 expatriates in Muscat Governorate against 543,930 Omanis in 2018.
Within Muscat, Bausher is the most populated area with 378,923 expatriates and 98,198 Omanis, followed by Seeb with 219,490 expatriates and 246,117 nationals.
The biggest gap, however, is visible in Muttrah which is home to 218,027 expatriates against 64,089 Omanis.
In line with reports that lot of Omanis have been moving from Muttrah and old Muscat area, the emerging suburb of Al Amerat has 61,138 citizens against 29,357 expatriates.
The coastal town of Qurayat has 48,885 Omanis. At the same time, the expatriate population in Muscat has decreased by nearly 10,000 over the last two years from 929,583 in 2016 to 910,558 in 2018.
Surprisingly in Dhofar Governorate, the expatriate population increased to 236,237 in 2018 from 230,481 in 2016.
However, it may be noted that the overall population has increased to 246,638 in 2017.
Dhofar Governorate has 236,237 expatriates and 217,146 Omanis, of which Salalah has 225,074 expatriates and 143,085 Omanis. Among other governorates of the Sultanate, Buriami has 59,097 expatriates outnumbering Omanis who are 54,445 in number.
Other governorates including Al Dakhiliyah (353,906 Omanis and 265,746 expatriates), North Al Batinah (504,795 Omanis, 118,260 expatriates), South Al Batinah (207,703 Omanis and 118,260 expatriates).
The Wilayat of Duqm has 9,373
expatriates against 4,883 Omanis.

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