New luxury resort to open in Dhofar next month

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Muscat: A new luxury resort is set to open next month in the town of Mirbat in the Dhofar Governorate.

Alila Hinu Bay, which is currently under construction, is slated to open in the first quarter of the next month, and was recently visited by HE Abdulsalam bin Mohammed Al Morshidi, the CEO of Oman’s State General Reserve Fund.

Considered an important addition to the tourism sector of the Sultanate and for Dhofar Governorate in particular, the resort will aid the growth of the tourism movement in the country. Alila Hinu Bay will have 112 hotel units of differing types. This is in addition to valuable tourism facilities which enrich the experiences of tourists visiting from within the Sultanate or abroad.

Al Morshidi heard the briefing given by the chairman of the board of directors of Alil Salalah company — the developer of the project — regarding various phases of work completed including its construction, its facilities and components, materials used for construction and requirements of raw materials and their quality.

He was also told about the designs of the resort in which environmental aspect was taken into consideration. The design of the resort has taken care of both originality and modernity. Al Morshidi lauded the progress made during the work on the project of the resort and its facilities. He said that it would be a qualitative leap forward in tourism of the Sultanate in general and of the governorate in particular.

He said that it was expected that the project would create 360 job opportunities in which citizens of the Sultanate of Oman would be preferred. The project includes a five star hotel and a number of luxury villas equipped with all services, as well as a range of recreational facilities to ensure a wonderful experience for guests. This will also have a number of restaurants, swimming pools and a heritage village, a handicraft market and facilities for children.

The project is owned and developed by Alil Salalah Company of the Oman Development and Investment Fund, one of the funds in which the government has its interests in developing the country.

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