Nizwa Souq all set to receive visitors

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Muscat: With the Supreme Committee allowing traditional markets to resume commercial activities, the popular Nizwa Souq is all set to receive visitors.

“The souq lies in the vicinity of the walls of the famous Nizwa Fort and the building embraces both traditional and modern architectural lines. Through its many alleys and divisions, Nizwa Souq has remained for hundreds of years home to several local industries, such as daggers, copper, spinning, livestock sale, fish, vegetables, and handicrafts.”
The Nizwa Fort received 125,876 in 2018 with an increase of 9 percent compared to 2017.
Omran had signed an agreement with a local company, Bawader International to manage the day to day operations of Nizwa Fort.
In 2017, Nizwa Fort emerged the most attractive landmark for the visitors to the Sultanate as it received 115,284 of the 319,152 visitors attracted by various forts and castles across the Sultanate.
The souq has different parts depending on what you want to shop for; in the mornings you will see locals buying vegetables and meat.

The rest of the souq sells unique souvenirs like caps, lamps, and fresh dates.
“This Souq is what makes your day, it gives you the real taste of Omani culture and architecture. It is well preserved and looks amazing,” a said a review on Trip Advisor.
“A visit to the Souq is a must because it gives you a real taste for the vibrant life in Oman. The spices souq is not to be missed but what is likely to be a real highlight is the cattle market where goats and cows are auctioned. It only happens on Friday morning, so choose your time carefully, ” another online review.

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