Oman Airports hosts WTA Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2019

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Oman will host the World Travel Awards (WTA) Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2019 on November 28. Now in its 26th edition, WTA has partnered with Oman Airports to host its highly-anticipated ceremony in the Sultanate for the first time. The red carpet event will be held at the Royal Opera House Muscat, with hundreds of senior representatives of leading airlines, hotels and tourism companies in attendance, making it one of the largest ever events of its kind to be hosted in Oman.

Shaikh Ayman bin Ahmed al Hosani, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Airports, said: “The WTA Grand Final Gala Ceremony is one of the leading events in the global travel sector that attracts some of the world’s most prominent travel and tourism related companies to participate. Oman Airports, one of the key pillars in the Omani tourism sector, was established to contribute to supporting the national economy by attracting new business to the country.
Our sponsorship of this global event is in line with efforts by Oman Airports units to introduce the Sultanate as a key regional player in the travel industry, and the team has made a tremendous effort to ensure that Muscat was chosen as the hosting destination for the WTA Grand Final Gala Ceremony. This will give us an opportunity to attract some of the most prominent international travel and tourism companies to visit Oman and see first-hand its true beauty and potential.”
He added: “Hosting the WTA Grand Final Gala Ceremony also enables us to bolster our support of the Oman Aviation Group to strengthen the tourism and transport sectors and achieve the strategic goals of Oman 2040. This is in line with our own vision of establishing Oman’s airports as gateways to beauty and opportunities. We guarantee that every participant visiting the Gala event will be left speechless by the beauty of our city; right from the very first moment they step through the gate at Muscat International Airport, all the way to the Royal Opera House, the centre for arts and culture in the city, and with every other tourist attractions the capital has to offer.”
Graham Cooke, Founder of WTA, said: “We are honoured to host our Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2019 in the Sultanate of Oman. From magnificent mountains and paradise beaches to beautiful deserts, Oman offers a wealth of incredible landscapes and travel experiences. I look forward to welcoming the world’s most senior decision-makers for our first ceremony in this incredible country.”

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