Oman airports ready to resume flights

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As normalcy returns to the sultanate, Oman airports, too, are ready and have implemented necessary safety measures to prepare for the return of passenger operations.

H E Dr Ahmed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport, said, “All the airports in Oman are ready to resume operations. There will also be self-service kiosks for travel as a preventive measure so that travelers are fine and safe, thanks to the national efforts made by the the aviation sector.”

In a statement, Oman Airports said, ‘In cooperation with our strategic partners, we have implemented necessary safety measures at our airports to prepare for the return of passenger operations, when officially approved.’

It added that international standards and regulations are strictly followed under the supervision of the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA).

Speaking to the media, H E Dr Futaisi said airports are ready to open and that all requirements and protocols for the operation of aviation and airports have been completed. “A recovery plan has been submitted to the Supreme Committee for approval,” he said.

Travellers, both local and international, are eager for the day the airports will open. “Thank God everything is getting back to normal. I heard the good news that the airports are ready for travel. Now we are waiting for the air travel to start. My work has been affected because my business requires me to travel frequently between Muscat and Salalah,” Hamed al Naamani, an Omani businessman, said.

Salim Ahmed, a Ugandan who had just come for a short visit to Oman, said the wait has been too long. “We have been hearing the news on the opening of airports in many countries and I hope Oman opens up soon. I really need to go back home as many things are pending for me to do there. However, I thank Oman’s government for all that they have done to keep us safe here. I am also not worried about fines for overstaying, thanks to the government for understanding,” he said.

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