Oman honey market to go online

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Muscat: The 14th edition of the Omani Honey Market, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) in cooperation with the Riyadah Digital Company, will be held online this year,

according to the ministry sources.

Titled ‘Shahad’, the most-awaited event among the scores of Omani beekeepers and honey enthusiasts, will be on in the virtual world from June 28 to July 4.

“All the beekeepers are welcome to register their interest to participate in the honey festival, registration for which ends on Tuesday, June 10,” a source at the MoAF said.


The participation will be subject to some strict terms and conditions. “The honey should be filled and displayed by the participants in translucent glass packages of different sizes bearing the poster of the participant. It should also indicate all data pertaining to the quality of honey along with marketing identity.”

All the participants must supply the types, quantity and quality of honey to be sold in the market to the headquarters of Al Madinah Logistics Company, Barka, during June 11 to 15, to take samples for laboratory tests and to ensure that the products conform to the Omani standard specifications for honey.


He added that the only festival for the local honey enthusiasts has been growing from strength to strength. The 13th Oman Honey Market held at the Muscat Grand Mall last year attracted 62 beekeepers who showcased some 6.5 tonnes of the best quality local honey.

A wide selection of Omani honey was on display at the market including wild honey which was sold at a record RO 120 per kilogramme while a 1kg honeycomb fetched RO 70.


Held twice a year, the events associated with Omani honey market aim at spreading knowledge about indigenous honey and bring together honey makers and consumers under one roof.

According to the statistics available with the MoAF, the Sultanate has 5,336

Beekeepers, while the number of honeycombs is 112,068 that produced 672,208 kg of honey in 2018.

“We aim to support small and medium enterprises specialising in honey products by opening new markets for them as well as promoting the Omani honey which is known for its high quality and nutritional value,” he further said.

All the products at the Market will undergo testing by food experts to ensure the quality of the products displayed at the Market. Further, the ministry’s stall at the Oman Honey Market seeks to introduce the visitors to the ministry’s efforts in the field of honey breeding along with showcasing a large plethora of tools that are required by beekeepers.

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