Oman ranked 13th in world for medical tourism

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Oman is ranked 13th in the world for medical tourism. Dubai and Abu Dhabi make the top ten with sixth and ninth rank, respectively, in the Medical Tourism Index (MTI) 2020-21.

The MTI is tabulated by the Medical Tourism Association, a US-based global non-profit association, for the medical tourism and international patient industry.

It ranks 46 international healthcare destinations, providing insight into how consumers view 41 criteria across three primary dimensions – Destination Environment, Medical Tourism Industry and Quality of Facilities and Services.

In the GCC, the UAE is placed first, while Oman is second and Bahrain third (ranked 32). Saudi Arabia is fourth (rank 35), followed by Qatar (39) and Kuwait (45).

The rankings in the index are based on a variety of factors, including patient experience and the attractiveness of traditional tourism.

Oman is ranked ninth for Destination Environment, 12th for Medical Tourism Industry and 19th for Quality of Facilities and Services.

‘Public healthcare (in Oman) is perceived as being of high quality for a middle income destination, which pushes the quality of the private sector high and gives them an opportunity to be able to compete in the medical tourism industry for incoming patients,’ the report stated.

The index for 2020-21 arrives at a critical juncture, when modern healthcare has never been more important, and the future evolution of a young, globalised industry has never been harder to predict.

“The MTI is a unique survey tool for healthcare destinations looking for the industry equivalent of performance review,” said Renée-Marie Stephano, one of the developers of the index.

“In a relatively young industry like medical travel, there are very few credible resources and planning tools for destinations and facilities that wish to improve their programmes. For stakeholders in the medical tourism industry, the MTI can be used to measure the effect that sustainable development has on the MTI criteria scores and then benchmark against other destinations.”

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