Over 11K tourists visit Jabal Akhdhar during Eid holiday

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Muscat: There was a huge influx of tourists at a number of destinations of the Sultanate during Eid Al Fitr holiday. Tourists enjoyed natural elements of the country and saw its heritage in a family atmosphere.

In view of this massive turn out of tourists, tourism departments of various governorates of the Sultanate organized a number of entertainment and recreational activities during Eid Al Fitr holiday for the local populations and the visitors.

There were 11,241 tourists visited Al Jabal Al Akhdhar in the Governorate of Al Dhakiliyah during the Eid Al Fitr holiday. Al Jabal Al Akhdhar is one of the most important tourist destinations of the Sultanate in all seasons in a year due to its natural elements. Similarly, all other sites of attractions in Al Dhakiliyah also witnessed an active tourist flow. Tourists also visited Misfah Al Ebreen and Jabal Shams, as well as other tourist destinations of the governorate.

The Directorate General of Tourism in the Governorate of Dhofar governorate also organized Eid Al Fitr celebrations at the Grand Mall of Salalah. These celebrations had a number of diverse types of activities.

The Governorate of Musandam had a huge tourism activity. The total number of tourists who reached to Khasab and Dibba ports was 5,923. The governorate also received the Indian tourist ship Karina. This cruise ship has come to the Sultanate for the first time to be followed by 15 other ships during summer. This was for the first time a tourist cruise ships were visiting the Sultanate outside their season. This increase in the visits of the tourist ships was being seen as a positive development. It shows a growth in the movement of tourist ships and an extension beyond winter tourist season.

Meanwhile, the number of tourists who visited water ponds in the Wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid in reached 8,552 during Eid Al Fitr holiday. These tourists were from various nationalities who had come here from abroad and within the Sultanate.

On Thursday and Friday, there was a huge rush at the water ponds. During these two days, the number of tourists reached 3,413 and 2,171 respectively. The number of visitors of the Science Centre of Ras Al Ganz at Ras Al Hadd of Wilayat Sur reached 1,500 during Eid Al Fitr holiday.

They were from various nationalities. During their visit, the tourists saw various elements including turtles and enjoyed the natural environment of the place. They had the opportunity to see the young turtles collected in dedicated ponds to protect them from any threats and return them back to the shores in the dark. –ONA

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