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With only a few days left for Eid al Adha celebrations, the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has issued guidelines for visitors at its sites and camping spots.

MoT said, ‘Every visitor should respect local customs and traditions and dress modestly. Men and women should ensure their dresses cover knees and shoulders.
‘Keep noise to minimum, take permission before clicking photographs of people or entering private property, help keep Oman beautiful and dispose off litter in bins. Ensure your tourist guide has a licence issued by us.’
Village visits
The ministry said visitors must protect wildlife and plants. ‘Please do not pick fruits or vegetables as villagers depend on them for their livelihood. Do not contaminate any water source. Villagers depend on traditional water systems for drinking and agriculture purposes.

‘Stick to designated paths when exploring villages and surrounding areas. Park your vehicles in designated areas to ensure villagers are not inconvenienced, always camp on a high ground and avoid wadis which are susceptible to flash flooding,’ MoT stated.
Desert excursion
MoT has said that visitors must enter desert areas only with a licensed tour guide.

‘Carry a GPS and ensure all necessary safety and travel equipment are in place. We recommend you to travel in groups with more than one vehicle,’ MoT added.
Off-road trips
The ministry has advised people to use only 4WDs for off-road travel across Oman.
‘Please do not travel off-road alone. Carry spare tyres and there should be enough supplies of food, water and fuel to last the journey. Notify friends or relatives of your plans and expected time of return,’ MoT stated.
Sea trips
MoT advised that only licensed boats should be hired for sea trips. ‘A life vest must be available for each passenger.’

It has said that trekkers must be fully aware of the difficulty level of a trail before setting off. ‘Ensure you are wearing right shoes and carry adequate food and water. Do not trek alone.’

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