Team to identify tourism projects in Muscat

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In efforts to increase national income, revitalise domestic tourism and attract foreign tourists, the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism held a meeting recently with H E Sayyid Saud bin Hilal bin Hamad al Busaidi, Minister of State and Governor of Muscat, Issam bin Saud al Zadjali, chairman of Muscat Municipality, and walis of the governorate.

With the aim of setting up a plan to manage tourism development in the Governorate of Muscat, it was agreed to form a joint team and identify tourism projects and facilities to be implemented.

The meeting evoked reactions from citizens on social media.

Al Sami, a citizen, tweeted, “I hope that the Governorate of Muscat draws a list of tourist sites and provides the basic needs for tourism, such as toilets, and sets a symbolic fee for their use. I also wish for the reactivation of activities in Qurm Park, such as boating, fountains in the lake, more eateries, horse riding, and a miniature park with birds and animals.”

In his tweet, Al Sami also suggested a bridge be built to link Riyam Park and Kalboo Park, setting up restaurants and more games for children in Riyam Park.

Another citizen, Sana al Maashari tweeted, “The tourism sector is considered vital, and activities that need investments include hiking.”

According to Ali Salem’s tweet, the meeting is any indication of the joint efforts towards the country’s needs for infrastructure to support tourism while taking advantage of its natural landscape and climate.

“The wilayat of Amerat has nature reserves and areas where infrastructure for sports, tourism and adventure can be set up.”

Another Twitterati, Youssef Khalifa al Yarubi, posted, “We hope the wilayat of Ibri is included in the plans for tourism development because it lacks the simplest of facilities despite the presence of tourist attractions.”

“Muscat needs waterfront attractions in northern Al Hail, and Qurm Park must be transformed with open fields and walkways,” Sam tweeted.

Another citizen, Abu al Julanda al Nasiri, proposed the establishment of a mobile forum for the officials of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism to move from one governorate to another, meeting the youth to take their ideas and learning about the requirements to help achieve economic return for the country.

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