March 27, 2015  
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Basic Information

      This section gives a brief description of the form of government and the National symbols.

Administrative boundaries

       Oman is administratively divided into four Governorates and five Regions. These Governorates / Regions are further subdivided into Wilayats, which currently comes to sixty one Wilayats in total.

Foreign relations

    Sultanate of Oman gives prime importance to the matters of International relations. Oman is a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, a member of the Arab League and the United Nations, as well as being a founder member of the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

Form of Government

      This section gives an overview of the development of the government in Oman.
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos promulgated “the basic statue of the state” on 6th November 1996. The basic statute of the state is considered as Oman’s Constitution and provides the legal framework for the development and implementation of all legislations.
Majlis Oman or the Council of Oman is a premier decision making body set up as stipulated in Article 58 of the Basic statute of the State. It is made up of members from Majlis A'Shura (Consultative Council), whose members are elected by citizens every three year and Majlis A'Dawla (State Council) whose members are appointed by the Sultan.

Cabinet Ministers

    This section gives  the names and portfolios of the Ministers of the Cabinet.
 This section gives a brief description of the State Institutions and Labour laws in Oman.

Oman News

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